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Archives » General Question: Anyone else having problems with Coordinates?
I was given coordinates to pick up some goods.. when i arrived in the system... the coordinates on the upper and lower (travel) maps did not jive. Not only that.. but the planet did not physically exist (on the lower map).

Scenario. I am in sector X... I am looking for system coordinates (9,7) / Planet Boondoggle.

Now on the upper portion of the Ship Controls Screen Planet Boondoggle is shown as position 9,4.. yet my current position shows me at (9,7) at planet boondoggle?

To take it one step further... when I click on the travel button and the lower map comes up... it says i am at coordinates (5,7) ----- kind of.... it actually looks like it is giving me the coordinates for a place 4 spots left on the X axis (1,5)

Its all so confusing...

So i tried to just descend to the 8x8 planet.. looking for the city at (7,5)... however those coordinates are all screwed up too, and the city cannot be found, nor can the coordinates. Oceans are coming up as grassland... the whole thing is off kilter.

To the best of my deductive abilities... it just looks like everything is off by about 4-5 points on the x axis...

Anyone else having this issue?



When you're underground.. you can't be found....
I guess no one else is having the same problems...

But it seems (so far) that if you manually enter in the coordinates of where you want to go, you arrive at your destination... but if you click on the map to where you want to go...it's a crap shoot at best of getting there...



When you're underground.. you can't be found....
I was fine sublighting within Gand this evening, clicking on the map.

What browser are you using?


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Chrome. I havent had a prob like this before today...

Ijust wanted feedback and to try different things before i went to bug with it. No need to waste anyones time if it was something that could be figured out thru trial and error



When you're underground.. you can't be found....
Whenever I am in City Designer in maximize view in my browser, then toggle over to "restore down" or the double boxes icon, everything gets off-kilter by exactly the distance the screen has moved in relation to where it was.
Perhaps you have an issue like that? Are you in fullscreen mode and then toggled out of it?
--Arch, out.