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Archives » How do we know if handle as been approved?
Visideous Darthor

Please help
I'm not sure how the approval process works. I submitted a handle yesterday and ii said waiting for approval. When i returned to the site the message had disappeared. So i checked my email and no response. So I thought it had be rejected and submitted another. Same thing happened and nothing in my email. I don't mind waiting, but curious how exactly the procedures work and wait time to allow for before checking back. Basically I'm not sure if i get an email response for handle approval. Thank you

Make sure you check your spam-can in your email incase the email got sent there by mistake

Visideous Darthor

Thank you for the reply, I will check the spam again. Just checked everything and didn't see it. i have spent time reading the forums and read this might be a common problem so i took the time to set up a filter on my email after the first one i received. When i get an email from SWC It should get tagged, marked important and put in a folder. Plus in the filter i have is setup not to mark as spam. So for now i'm thinking with Super Bowl last night no one as looked. i'm not sure if this means anything but when i log in under email it says i have a message but when i click the icon it says i cant use messages because my character has not been setup. Thank you i'll just get it some more time.

You can also contact support here if you still don't hear anything after 36 hours (should normally get a reply within 12-24 hours, but if you don't, that's what the support is for :D)

There is no handle request pending for your ID number.

What names have you been trying?


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Visideous Darthor

i do not remember the first one, but the second was Visideous Darthor. Both times i entered a handle it said approval pending. And both times when i returned the message as well as the name were gone. I have yet to enter a third. I did not want to appear impatient as I have read in the forums that is frowned upon. Thanks

It appears your handle has been accepted.