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Year 13 Day 71 12:26
San Draal

HI all. I just registered yesterday and am still going thru this immense amount of data trying to sort this all out. I created a devorian pilot templte character and am now at the stage i am to pick a faction. So i have been looking over the faction forum and looks like lots of "jobs" for pilots, but i am a newbie and have to learn the game not sure if i should be applying for these jobs or what faction i should be looking at!

Any suggestions or tips appreciated! This looks like a fun game to get into!

Year 13 Day 71 13:04
Hello and welcome.

To be honest, there are just a few skills that are really making a difference.
You basically can do everything, it might just get a tiny bit slower or a bit more costly.

For picking a faction, you should think about what you want to achieve with your character. Obviously there are the known frouos from the films, novels, comics, trying more or less playing their canon role.

Best is you go through the large list of factions, surf their respective home pages, go to their IRC channels, speak with the members, find out if they do indeed match with your expectations.

Although leaving a faction, in case you are not satisfied, is very easy, leaving a friendly note with stated reasons should be a must.

I hope that helped a bit.
Welcome to the Combine.


Year 13 Day 71 13:40
San Draal

My ultimate goal would be to be zooming around in an X-wing helping the rebellion, but i am guessing i need to cut my chops a bit before that so i will haul cargo or whatever...just sooo much to read before i can jump in, I guess i should just spend a week absorbing all this info before entering the game world :)

Year 13 Day 72 14:17
If you want to ever fly an X-Wing, you will have to join the New Republic (or whatever they are calling themselves) as the chance of you getting inside one is very slim, currently the only rewarding job for pilots (where it at least appears like you are doing something) is haulage work, either transporting R(aw)M(aterials) in very slow freighters or transporting everything else for clients either not able to pick up their goods or simply "can't be bothered"/"too busy"

One warning about being a long-haul pilot: even in a fast ship with high skills it can still take weeks real time

Year 13 Day 72 18:36
Don't be daunted if you do want to fly and X-wing for the rebellion/New Republic. Just join them and tell them you wish to join the navy. Depending on how they operate, you may get assigned some X-wings right off, or you might need to work a few months for them to trust you a bit more.


Year 13 Day 96 4:44
Vrael Andersson

If your going to join NR, dont get your hopes up. Their intelegence devision is very paranoid at the moment. Your better off getting work Hauling freight first, less politics and is much easier work for a new player. Also, be mind-ful that NR does not pay its cadets, so you will be pretty broke while they process you.


Vrael - Pilot and smartass
Year 13 Day 121 17:33
Is there a recommended faction for brand new .....and a bit lost players? lol


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Year 13 Day 121 18:01
We're not really allowed to recommend factions specifically. Your best bet is to think about what you may want to do, then look through the faction list and find one that looks and sounds like you would enjoy being there. You can also talk with their members on the Live Chat (IRC) to get a feel for the members.

Remember that if you don't like it initially, you can always change faction and try another one.