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Archives » How to make money, and where to buy some stuff?
Castiel Jolie

How can I make money? And where can I buy stuff? I'm on planet Honoghr



Castiel Jolie

My faction leader is gonna be offline for the weekend. And I just traveled to a new world so that he could train me in some stuff. Now, without him being online, I'm clueless. You should explain this game to a bit, lol.

You make money by doing something others need being done or don't want to do themselves (that can be anything from custom images or hauling RMs)

Can also check out the Commerce section for things to buy, or the Auction and Gambling Rooms

Castiel Jolie

But how do I get hired? Is it in the "travel" section? Or what?

Depends on what you what to do: if you can make art, you can advertise and post some samples in the Commerce Thread (suggested to slap something over the top to prevent someone from 'pinching' your work without paying)

The Classifieds used to be a place to look for work/offer your services, but it's currently empty, but like with artwork you could advertise your availablity in the Commerce Thread (when ah was still alive, ah got the majority of mah jobs through word of mouth with people coming to me, which is how ah was killed actually)

Most people get money through the monthy faction paychecks. They then use that to buy things either from CPM as mentioned earlier, from the commerce forum threads, people selling in IRC chatrooms, or buying direct from the producing factions (this is probably the best option as though it might be a bit slow, you will also invariably get it for the cheapest price).

To make more money, a lot of people buy/sell stuff. Some people make raffles and other such events in the Auction House. Some people can make art and so offer their services.