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Archives » Bandit and creature squads dissolving after attack
Alven Ceres

Every time my squad attacks an enemy squad, be it bandits or creatures, the enemy squad breaks up.

This means that after the fire delay, when I'm ready to attack gain, I will only be able to attack one enemy at a time, which causes a massive waste of time, as I'm going to have to go through several fire delays (at times even 10 of them or so) before I am able to kill off the entire enemy squad.

Is this intentional? Wouldn't it be better if the enemy squad stayed together until the last of them drops?

Also, I can confirm that I'm not always killing off the leader, I don't understand why the squad dissolves.

The enemy squad should stay together as long as the leader is alive. Once he is dead, it will break up.

That is the way it has always worked: attack a squad of creatures, keep the leader alive the squad remains intact, kill the leader in the first round and you now have 12 individual creatures to hunt down individually (even if they remain on the same square)

Any chance of being able to select your targets? Or is/will it remain random? (being able to concentrate all fire on a single target or 2 could make fights go much quicker)


Its a bug, and it's one Sin has been unable to locate the source of just yet. Unfortunately there's not much to be done. If the squad breaks and spreads out, leave and come back. You'll have a fresh new squad to fight.