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Year 13 Day 75 14:00
Castiel Jolie

I haven't seen many ways to gain experience so far.. What are some good ways to gain xp? Can I gain xp through posting in the RP forum?

Year 13 Day 75 14:14
Some common ways to gain XP in the Combine is by doing construction, production, piloting, recycling, prospecting, and mining. Various other actions, like crafting keycards, will reward XP too. In the White Scenarios if you're part of an RPG you can gain XP for your posts.

Year 13 Day 75 15:04
Castiel Jolie

Okay, thank you for the info. :D

Year 13 Day 83 1:12
I've also gained a good dear of xp from taking 5 hour walks around the city square I'm in while waiting for a pick up. Already leveled up that way.

Year 13 Day 83 2:04
Derrik Thynite

Also, combat gives you tons of XP. In a day, I've made about 2 or 3 times what I'd get from a weeklong hyper trip.