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Archives » Why Do space stations take up a single space?
As the title suggests I'm just wondering why Space stations are only allowed one via square unlike capital ships which in some cases are bigger than all the stations save centerpoint or the "special stations" ie.. Is the reason why stations can only be in one space of a grid not a logical reason but instead a game trait because of the coding?

I would look more into this but I'm trying to cut back on my gaming time, Thanks for any help!


Alexander von Ismay

Planets also only take up one square. Some are 1x1 some are 20x20(+?).
Its just how things are.

Yes but that's what I was wondering, Is it a game mechanic that makes it easier to code and if so shouldn't extremely large Capital ships only allowed in one square as well?


(sorry typo)

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It helps to stop people putting hundreds of golans in orbit of a planet and making it impossible to take. Remember that the majority of groups don't have access to the big warships.