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Year 13 Day 76 12:36
Just a quick question, Do NPCs heal if the have been injured like PC do?

Year 13 Day 76 17:24
They should do.


Year 13 Day 77 2:59
Eshaar Gnor

I can confirm that they do heal although I am not sure if it is at the same rate?

Year 13 Day 78 11:32
Year 13 Day 97 7:44
Rio Storm

I see in the archives that the Character rate is 1HP an hour.
1-Is this still valid.
My HP went up 4HP in 2 days. My NPCs haven't gone up.
2-Do all kinds of NPC heal?
3-Do we need to be immobile to heal?
Thank you


Storm is Coming... Run!
Year 13 Day 97 7:50
1HP an hour is ancient. It was changed to something like 10% of health (or a similar number based on vigour or something) a day. NPCs should heal up exactly the same way. You can be doing anything - the healing happens only once a day at a set point (I believe).


Year 13 Day 97 7:53
Rio Storm

Thank you sir.


Storm is Coming... Run!
Year 13 Day 97 8:06
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

It's level/3 +1 hp per day.

Year 13 Day 97 8:28
Rio Storm

Thank you Teya.


Storm is Coming... Run!
Year 13 Day 97 12:56
The healing occurs at roughly 17:00 SWC time each day