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Year 13 Day 78 9:33
Umbeck Traxer

Question about the 5% bandit item drop.
Is it 5% per bandit killed? or 5% per combat attempt if 1 or more bandits are dead.

Such as if I wipe out a party of 8 in one shootout, do I still only have a 5% chance for that engagement because one of them died, or do I get the 5% from all 8 guys I popped?

Year 13 Day 78 17:22
Good question: 5% per encounter (regardless of how many died) or 5% per kill

Year 13 Day 79 21:18

5% per bandit


Year 13 Day 86 12:23
Where can I find a list of items that could be dropped by bandits?
Or there's just any?
I mean... might this be a way to get Mandalorian Suit parts? :)

Year 13 Day 86 12:44
Sav Lakua

I second what Octogo said. I would like to see a list :)

Year 13 Day 86 12:58
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Most things seem to be up for grabs, excluding items marked as 'rare' or 'unique', and a few specials such as lightsabers.

Year 13 Day 86 13:04
Eh... ok... Thanks(for ruining my enthusiasm I guess :P )

Year 13 Day 86 13:08
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Well, finding a set of heavy battle armor isn't a bad catch. =p

Year 13 Day 86 19:57
If it's in the game (and can be equiped and found in the fitouts) then there is a(n extremely small) chance of having it drop (someone even managed to get a VLocker O_o)

*edited to avoid misleading information, typed the wrong word

All Hail Elijah!!

Edited By: Tiali Bixa-Loca on Year 13 Day 90 5:42
Year 13 Day 86 20:04
Tiali, quit giving out false information.

Edit: This isn't the first time Tiali has posted misinformation in the help forums, has been told such, and yet continues to do so. Any ASim: does this warrant a forum ban?

Edited By: Elijah Shoryyhn on Year 13 Day 86 20:07
Year 13 Day 86 20:22
Shuji Shizuka

Or maybe she heard it from someone else and believes it to be true? As do several regular posters in the help area.


This user is currently in the process of moving, and so is semi-inactive.
Year 13 Day 86 20:27
That is no excuse. It does more harm than good when someone tries to be helpful but only spread false information to anyone who reads the thread. That creates additional questions in the future both here and on IRC detracting from time which could be better spent developing and working issues in the game.

Year 13 Day 87 14:44
Tiali, your post, now edited, is still incorrect. The Stouker is a weapon which is "restricted" by the NR. Yet that item has dropped. So again, stop posting misleading/incorrect information. What is your source or are you making all this up?

Year 13 Day 87 20:27
Tiali, with your most recent edit can you provide a source that states one of every item was added to the NPC fitouts? Excluding the "rare" and "unique" caveat made by yourself. But on that topic... I can provide a source, which was posted a while back by someone who's actually working on Bandit combat, that states at least one rare item made it onto the fitouts. In other words, when are you going to delete your post and stop with the guessing games?

Year 13 Day 87 20:31
Elijah, stop. You've pointed out that her information is wrong, and validated your assertion. Anyone reading the thread should be able to figure out to disregard her post. There is no further value to your... heckling.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 13 Day 90 4:32
You wanted me to post a source? How about this:
Jesfa has said repeatedly that once there is enough fitouts, he would eventually work some of the rarer items in, so you'd have a VERY SMALL chance of getting something rare.

Also, we're talking combine rare as in the admin have restricted them, not game rare when factions are just being selfish. Those items will be much more frequent.

- Jenos

Year 13 Day 90 5:27
and not 'rare'/'unique'

- Tiali

Thank you for proving my point again. Hal asked me to stop but since you brought it up again I feel this simple response is warranted. If you still have an issue I recommend you contact me via DM.

Year 13 Day 90 5:40
Are you going to correct Teya?

Year 13 Day 99 18:44
Sol Mazer

5% per bandit 

Does this seem out of whack to anyone?

I have a 10% chance of being Force Sensitive (at least that's what the general event said so long ago). If I'm Force tested right before I kill a bandit, I have a better chance of being Force Sensitive than getting a blaster out of that dead bandit.... Isn't that a bit odd? Considering the likelihood of running into bandits- especially if I'm looking for them.

Are there any discussions going on to make it more likely that you'd get something other than XP for these encounters? How about credit drops?


Hack this TERMINAL

Year 13 Day 99 18:52
Given that you get checked for Force Sensitivity ONCE every 5 levels, and you get a 5% chance on EVERY bandit... I fail to see that there's any relationship between the two percentages at all.

You have a 1 in 20 chance that any hostile NPC you kill will leave behind a piece of usable equipment (something not shot full of holes, blown up, broken hitting a rock when he collapsed). Given that we're supposed to be a player-driven, faction production economy, not a mob-drop based economy, I'd say that's pretty good.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
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