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Archives » space colony versus trading station?
Auron Shadowbane

I'd like to know what space colonies can do, that trading stations can't do better?

Are they providing flats or some sort of station income?


Tai`to Kale

I was told the colonies were only for RP and storage.

Trading stations will be able to access the GNS and have weaponry, so yes, trading stations are far better.

Not sure I heard anything about trading stations touching the GNS, to be honest.


Tai`to Kale

Khan said so in my "tai`to's what's why's and who's" thread.

got it wrong, he said market not GNS:

Trading Station: Storing materials, later accessing the market and other such stuff 

Anyway, why don't space colonies give income? they are pretty much the same as a personal residence, with the difference they are larger and in space.

Edited By: Tai`to Kale on Year 7 Day 60 18:40
At the time of working on income there weren't enough stations to justify the extra work it would require, not to mention getting the equations right was difficult enough.

Even now there are only about 179 stations that would qualify, compared to 13,912 facilities that can earn income. As the income code is now it's not really easy to expand it, if I rewrite it as a class it'd be fairly simple to add on a few functions to handle station income. We'd still need to replace variables in the equations with something that works in space. So for the time being I don't think it's worth the work that it'd require given everything else we need to get done. But it'll be done eventually.


Kids these days!
Maybe one of the reasons there are so few is because income does not apply to them.

Just a thought.


Tai`to Kale

Ok Khan, understood.

Marcus is right anyway, there are few because few people want to make useless stuff.

Edited By: Tai`to Kale on Year 7 Day 61 6:42
No doubt that plays a role Marcus, but half of the stations that would be eligible (trading) already have their primary purpose of storing things. Leaving the three Space Colonies, which are really only there to fill the 'small, cheap, home in space' area. When we do income station I expect to see an expansion of the types. Casino, Hotel sort of thing, Medical, general purpose housing/living/repair and so on.


Kids these days!
Edit: Gah. Wrong button. Nothing like posting an empty message.


Couldn't luxaries fit the mold for hotel? And if it's a hotel, it could easily have a casino room...

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Auron Shadowbane

well, what would be if you'd make space colonies function like moons?

e.g.: a class 1 colony could be a "1*1 planet"
a class 2 colony could count as a 2*1 and a lucury colony could improve some stats, like morale, crime.


Providing room for space borne, cities, i like that idea quite a bit. Would be a very,very cool way to build a city as a hidden base in an empty system. And it wouldn't be overly out of hand if you can only build one station per grid location.


Casino would be a separate station like the Casino facility is separate from the Hotel facility. I'm inclined to see the Luxury as more a luxury set of flats in space than a proper hotel.

Coding stations to act like planets in that regard would require a tonne of work. Not something we have the time to do in a year where we need to finish the item functions, add repair and healing, locking rooms, hacking control of entities, atmosphere effects and everything that comes under the combat umbrella. Eventually I wouldn't mind having complex effects like that, but it's not a 'must have' thing at the moment, in my opinion.


Kids these days!