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Archives » CP indicator remaining green
Year 13 Day 80 4:58
Any one else getting any issues with the CP indicator remaining green after all the links have been clicked? I've checked the page and refreshed it and it refuses to go away. Interestingly enough if I open FF its not green.

Has the CP voting stuff changed recently? Because 3 of the voting buttons refused to go away until I actually typed in the numbers and such it requires.


Year 13 Day 80 5:08
Derrik Thynite

There 4 Topsites that I can't remove from the page, keeping mine green as well.
They are:

MMORPG Private Server
Browser Game List


Year 13 Day 80 5:11
I had four sites which would not go away. I clicked on them again and voted, and after I did that, they went away.

Checking my CP sheet, apparently, they were backwards incentives, in their new incarnation, as they were each worth 20.

But yeah, until recently, my CP icon was green too...annoying as heck. But now it's fixed.


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Year 13 Day 80 7:52
Alexander von Ismay

I just clicked (one of few times I do... dont judge me, I forget! and its easier to donate money that click for me. mmmm instant gratification).
It's still green. C'est la vie.

*toddles off, much like the Honey Badger, not giving a frak of its colour.*

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Year 13 Day 80 11:23
Rio Storm

I closed Firefox and reopened and the green was gone.

Year 13 Day 80 11:30
Ordinii Gotha

Only had that problem on a few occasions where I was forced to use Chrome rather than FF. Doubt it has anything to do with the browser though.

Year 13 Day 80 19:01
Well its gone now. We'll see what happens when it comes time to vote later in the day.


Year 13 Day 81 21:39
Mike Lackey

Mine has stayed green since the cp change. I use IE8 and it dosen't matter if I refresh or close and open a new window, its still green. Buggin me makes me think I need to go vote all the time.

Edit: I do vote. It seems to make a liar out of me the indicator is no longer green this morning, I guess it takes a few hours to update? I did refresh the window and close the browser and open a new one last night.

Edited By: Mike Lackey on Year 13 Day 82 6:37

Mike Lackey
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Year 13 Day 82 0:20
Coho`orcwa Rhworar`cworc

If the things are still staying when you click on them, try actually going through the voting steps on the website. It worked for me.

Year 13 Day 83 6:18
Dragomir Kies

Even after you vote, it stays green up untill some time between 18:00 and 24:00 cgt. than it stays not highlighted untill your voting time comes in and story repeats itself. Cant say at which hour it dies out exactly as its during my sleep time.

Year 13 Day 83 16:44
I had the same symptoms as OP Aubec earlier today.

Clicked all links, entered all captchas. All sites opened, (Save for the 3 or 4 that Error Out all the time), and all sites disappeared from the CP screen.

My counter remained Green for several hours, and now it's not.

Year 13 Day 84 10:21
Ben Camden

Mine stays green because I don't want to bother switching flash on to vote for one of the backwards incentive ones.....


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