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Year 13 Day 80 14:45
So I was wondering if there is a way that you can tell your droid to pilot one ship, get off the said ship, and get on another ship that you have nearby. I

don't have a droid pilot nor have I ever worked with one, but I am looking at getting one, so that is why I am asking.

Year 13 Day 80 14:53
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

No way whatsoever.

Year 13 Day 80 15:12
Pilot droids do absolutely nothing as far as I can far. But one day, they will rule the skies!


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Year 13 Day 80 17:52
Kendall Holm

It used to allow you to do that ... not sure on the reason they took it away


Year 13 Day 80 19:00
If anything, NPC pilot droids might do that in the future.

As for the pilot droids, they do do something Dunta - they allow you to enter docked entities without aborting travel. Just make sure you have a droid with appropiate piloting skills in the cockpit and assigned to you.


Year 13 Day 80 21:20
Alright. Thanks you guys.

*goes to find another way to somehow get all his ships in one place...*

Year 13 Day 81 20:11
Hire a reputable transport pilot/faction

Year 13 Day 86 0:21
Darius Carthagian

In response to Tiali's reply, I recommend Hans Miller Transport. Send Hans Miller a DM and he will hook you up with transport of your ships.


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Year 13 Day 86 10:36
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