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Archives » Givins cant handle a river?
Year 13 Day 81 8:34
Why are Givins not allowed on river terrain? is it intentional, or just a simple mistake that hasnt been fixed yet.
I know of no reason canon or otherwise why river would prove problematic to a Givin but no other humanoid species.

Year 13 Day 81 8:48
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

They're vampires, they can't cross streaming water. You should probably make a change request in the race suggestion subforum.

Year 13 Day 81 9:03
I see it more as a bug or quirk to be quickly edited or fixed by an Admin, than a suggestion to improve or change the Givin species. I think it was a mistake when Givins were added that has not been fixed for 5 years at least.

And there is a thread in races where it has been mentioned (though it is mentioned in a thread where one guy wants givins to live in Oceans which I dont agree with) but it has been rotting since year 11. Thats two years of Givins being unable to get their toes wet in rivers unlike every single other humanoid for no reason I can find or think of, hence why I have this question here for Admins.

Year 13 Day 81 9:15
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

I guess, but if everyone submits what they consider quickly edited bugs and quirks here then there's no point in specific subforums. -shrug-

Year 13 Day 81 9:50
Well thats what I see it as, but I posted here because I want to ask the Admins what it is about and I thought Questions for Admins was the proper place for that kind of thing.

Year 13 Day 81 18:17
Races are being looked at. Likely its restriction will be removed.


Year 13 Day 83 6:44
Great thanks, all I wanted to know!