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Year 13 Day 83 21:09
Piron Sunrise

Can a friend of you invite you to his ship and then betray you by trapping you in the ship forever? If so, can he order the ship to hit a sun and kill you?

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Year 13 Day 83 21:16
Only if he stays onboard (and dies with you), don't believe you can remote-control a ship (yet), the closest ah've encountered is NPC Piloting squaddable-ships (and that was only for un/docking purposes)

But as for the first part: yes, they could trap you onboard, but you have the option of Dropping your character (or report them for possible abuse)

Year 13 Day 83 21:59
Trapping players is a completely legitimate gameplay action, and while there were ways to kill you by sunning and them remaining alive, its a golden rule violation.

Year 13 Day 83 22:41
A friend can give you access to his ship. If you remain in the Entrance Room, though he can fly away from your ship or however you accessed his ship, it would still be possible for you to escape by having someone else fly to the same location and give you access.

If you go further into the ship, its entirely possible he can lock doors behind you, preventing you from reaching the entrance room again.

As for killing by sunning, only the pilot dies - others merely go unconscious. However, as Jevon mentioned, there is a way to swing it to kill a passenger, but its a Golden Rule violation and will result in penalties from the ASims.


Year 13 Day 84 7:39
Piron Sunrise

Thank you for clarifying.

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