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Archives » Multiple kinds of Cargo Containers?
So I saw a faction selling Class-A cargo containers today on CPM, something I didn't think was possible, seeing as nobody made them. I went to the rules page, and under the category of cargo containers, there's like 6 different kinds now, all with different weight/volume caps. Does this mean that you can now actually own cargo containers and use them for storage? I was always under the impression that you couldn't before.


It's a known fact that painting a red stripe on an X-wing makes it go faster.
As far as I know, you've been able to own/use the Class A for a while at least. I knew someone selling a few of them, even. It's just really hard to move because it's so big...

But there's kinds there I've never seen before, so I'd be interested in knowing how one gets one of those.. J and E especially... :)


All except the Class-A seem to be "new." The Class-A is created by recycling a station, in other words it can't be "produced" in the normal sense of the word. As Padme said, for a while now we've been able to own and use them.

The rest have been added pending a new feature Jenos and I came up with.

Is it possible to move these new ones, or the original one for that matter, via tow with a docking port?


No, at the moment you need a big ass ship with a docking bay (ie MTC).

I suspect the containers will allow people to modify haulers to change the cargo cap (like the BFF-1, Mod Con, GR-75).


The new ones cannot be produced, so moving them is not a concern.

Well I was talking about the Class A's and technically can't a medical frigate move them Ellias?

Oh, so they can. When they first came out MTCs were the only ship publically available that could move them (Lucres, SSDs etc were the only other ships that could move them). Forgot about their cargo cap with their new dockign bays.


You can move cargo containers right now if you have a ship with a docking bay and tractor beam.