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Year 13 Day 87 16:27
Hi I just joined the game the other day. I have joined a faction and received a job as part of my role, however I wish to leave the planet to practice space flight. It says every time i try to ascend that there is a shield stopping me, or something along the lines of that. If anyone can help me out in anyway it would be greatly appreciated :)

Year 13 Day 87 16:59
Try contacting the owner of the planet, you can find that in the galaxy map or put it here and I'll find out for you.


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Year 13 Day 87 17:01
Ordinii Gotha

If you want to bring a ship through the planetary shields you need permission from the one controlling the planet. Click the name of the planet in the 'Location' section of your sidebar and you will get to the info page for that planet, with clickable names to get you directly to the DM screen.

Year 13 Day 87 17:14
Thank you very much :) I found out the planet is controlled by The New Republic, so I will send a message to them now. Thank you :)

Year 13 Day 87 19:58
Just as a note, if you can see a spot that is not covered you can travel to it (most likely along the ground) and use the gap to bypass the shields, not all planets have gaps though