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Year 13 Day 88 11:37
Sylvin Macflint

I see hospitals have 6 medical rooms. If I wanted to heal myself or NPCs would I be able to do so in a hospital itself, or would that hospital need to be stocked with healing equipment such as baca tanks, baca refills, medkits, etc.
Also if a player can heal in a hospital alone without the medical accessories would they need medical npcs or droids to implement the process?

Year 13 Day 88 11:48
Sylvin Macflint

I believe I may have come across an answer under Rules>Combat>Medicine,
I think a medical room is solely for the purpose of containing a Bacta Tank is that correct? Therefore healing requires some form of accessories (unless intune with the force) to implement, and can only be accomplished with time, without them?
Thanks for any clarity..

Year 13 Day 88 11:48
You will need medical supplies to heal. Medical rooms currently allow you to deploy a Bacta Tank within them which offers the greatest healing.

Year 13 Day 88 11:50
Sylvin Macflint

Thank you again Elijah..