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Year 13 Day 90 14:16
Patrick Bisson

I flew to the Coruscant sector, to the Coruscant planet now I am descending however Im landing on Vakkar? I see the Imperial pallace but it isnt even centered? Bug?

Year 13 Day 90 15:11
Landing on Vakkar might be a bug, but the imperial palace isn't centered:

Year 13 Day 90 16:27
Patrick Bisson

I am positive it was amost centered last time I was on Coruscant... The Map you linked me too is also showing a map of Vakkar...

Year 13 Day 90 16:31
Have you tried clearing your cache.. because it shows Coruscant for me?


Year 13 Day 90 16:54
Patrick Bisson

The empires website puts the palace at 8,7

The Map I am looking at puts it at 9,1 and all the cities are named Vak X-X
I cleared my cache but its still the same? I remember their being a starport directly South and North of the middle where I spawned the ship I am currently on months ago.

Year 13 Day 90 17:26
The Empires website probably hasn't been updated - it probably was in that location on old Coruscant, but it has changed since the galaxy update.


Year 13 Day 91 6:32
Dragomir Kies

During Galaxy update, planets been messed, "old Coruscant" is currently Diamal in Abregado sector

Year 13 Day 91 16:28
Patrick Bisson This planet is what I remember Coruscant looking like.. Anyway the purpose of my trip is to find an NPC shop do I have to ask IC? I used to know and its a bug that its moved...

Year 13 Day 91 17:44
All homeworlds should have an NPC city with various NPC owned facilities on it. SInce it holds the NPC starport it should have a different icon on the planet maps. However COruscant and Neimodia might not as their homeworlds weren't created from scratch or using previous planets, so I'm not sure if Jesfa has put the NPC cities on there yet.


Year 13 Day 92 10:26
Ben Camden

The city with the NPC starport on (new) Coruscant doesn't have an NPC shop at least.


Senior Governor Ben Camden
Regional Government
Year 13 Day 92 11:42
Patrick Bisson

Okay it used too I think the city was Southport on the old Coruscant.. Thank you

Year 13 Day 92 15:04
That reminds me, I really need to talk to an ASim about shuffling facilities to get the NPC shop on Gand into the Starport city.


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