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Archives » Some Questions regarding Combat and Stats
Dragomir Kies

Hey there, its more a number of questions towards combat developing team, but since those are questions regarding features and not problems needing solving I guess theyre for this forum.

1) It have been many times noted that NPCs tend to be weaker in Combat than PCs despite having often better stats ( like Dodge) : is it a set nerf random value in equations, and can we learn at least an Estimate on how much weaker the NPCs gonna be when compared to PC with same set of stats? (example: 20-35% less efficient than PC for military NPcs 50% for non military NPCs )

2) Are there plans to implement Vigor skill into Armor efficiency ( current description tend to suggest that itll be used this way) or maybe another function for the skill is being considered? ( example: affecting number of healed HPs with each treatment/natural healing in a form of + Vigor bonus)

3) Is Dexterity already implemented into chance to successfully hit a target equations? If No, are there plans to implement it in such regard for all or some weapons ( for example : only for non projectile weapons) ?

4) Strength: is Strength ( in regards to combat) going to be implemented into melee Combat as damage factor or is it planned only for unarmed combat when/if it will be implemented ?

PS: Above arent suggestions of any sort, Im just hoping to learn a bit more regarding what is already implemented and maybe also regarding what direction Combat developing team wants to go with implementing above stats into combat.


At the moment, combat in its current form takes the skill level into account and does not scale down based on PC or NPC. You can test this through allocating skill points to your own NPCs in your party. Key difference is that NPCs can be killed in combat whereas you cannot at this time. Future development remains to be seen, regarding the specific NPC types. Certainly there will be changes as the majority are currently fairly useless.

Armor efficiency is still being developed and the current set of armor values and absorb chance is not final.

Dexterity is not currently implemented for hit chance.

The rest of your questions all revolve around future implementations of skills, and since combat is still in very early development, no definitive answers have been officially released yet, and chances are any answers or speculations you would receive at this point will change down the road.

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Dragomir Kies

Thanks for the quick answear. As for the NPCs, I was actually testing it a bit, and noticed that me with fairly medium level Combat skills (3s) Easily outdo NPCs with 5s in both amount of successful hits and dodges- Ive seen also similar reports from other folks so thought about asking.