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Year 13 Day 93 19:59
Iban Kaze

My map seems to be off. Both my scanner and travel map thingy seems to be off. for my scanner I have to move 1 or two above it.

For my travel map. I have to move 2 to the left in order to get in orbit of my planet or so on so forth.. Any one having the same issue?

Year 13 Day 94 11:38
Are you talking about pointing your mouse at your destination and clicking to load it? If so, it sounds like it's a browser issue.


Year 13 Day 94 11:41
Iban Kaze

Yeah, pretty much. Google Chrome seems to be the cuplrit.,

Year 13 Day 94 11:49
Firefox is best! :D

Year 13 Day 94 11:53
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Chrome has no native problems with the scanner and travel map.

Year 13 Day 94 12:40

Works fine for me.

Year 13 Day 94 13:08
i had this exact same problem...

i turned out that my screen size was the culprit. i must have accidentally altered the size or magnification of the screen... all my coordinates were off by the exact amount as how much my screen was magnified by.

im just lucky it didnt accidentally put me into a sun or anything



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