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Archives » Cross Terrain from unslabbed squares.
Why cant we fly cross-terrain from anywhere in an unslabbed square as we do from the edge of the square?

Some mountain squares would make sense, craters, etc, but not from sea or deserts for example. If its for gameplay I dont see it. Maybe it merits a revision?


Because you'd be able to traverse an entire unslabbed planet in like an hour? Unless I'm misunderstanding your question, i don't see why you'd ever not have to go to the edge of a tile.


Would still have to go through each slab, just can start from any square in the first slab instead of having to travel to the edge first (at least, that's how ah read his question)

Specially seeing how we can go to any 8 of the adjoining slabs instead of having to cross-city/slab like you used to if you wanted to go the opposite slab

Why would it be an argument for terrain squares and not cities, given that travel time from surface square to surface square is the same regardless?

Jesfa. Because IRL, to travel interstate from a city today you first have to spend an hour or two escaping your city. That was the rationale I thought was being used for travel times: first escape city then floor it down.

Also, you can travel from one edge of a city to a terrain opposite to it in that same hour, so that argument is kind of pointless. Avoiding people flee from battle so easily makes more sense, I just asked if it should be revised.

Edited By: Paparrin on Year 13 Day 96 8:17

My concern is that if I'm on the left edge of the map, I shouldn't be able to crossterrain to the terrain tile right, maybe a bug that it's possible, but it's not something that should be happening.

Once a city slab is laid down, the speed your ship (vehicles too? Not sure) moves, is drastically reduced to symbolize the same thing you're talking about. Again, this is how it used to be, need to figure out if we purposely broke it (and why), or if there's a bug.


So we are not supposed to go from (0, 0) in terrain square (3, 4) to (0, 0) in terrain square (4, 3) without travelling across (3, 4) first?

Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

It's not a bug that that's possible, it was intentionally altered.


It was changed when the travel code was updated.


By Clarr, so it was probably just because he was too lazy to fix it correctly. I'd be all for reimplementing it.


Vey suggested I post it as a bug report, as to get it's attention to one of the coders. I hadn't realized before Dev that this was possible, would love to see it "fixed".


Thats like saying you are certain cities are adjacent to each other and not separated by vast amounts of empty land. I have heard arguments both ways.

If they are separated it doesnt matter where you are in the outskirts of the city, you are pretty much at the same distance from any of the 8 cities around you. Its not even the issue I was trying to get cleared. :\


It's the same/similar issue. The reasoning is you need to literally travel across the city, to get past. The fact that you didn't need to fly to the adjacent side before has been overlooked, and will be fixed.

Whether there's vast land between cities or not, it doesn't really matter, you still have a city to navigate, or additional grass to cross.


That "bug" was indeed a feature for about one-and-a-half year, I guess.

But it's nice to see that my stamp is still in use :-)


That's actually one of the first features Veynom showed me :)

Hmm... If fixing this feature/bug/thing, perhaps it would be possible to uncap crossterrain and across the slab speeds? Both limits are a bit weird in my opinion - the crossterrain one especially, as from what I understand now using fastest speeders doesn't have much sense as they don't travel much faster than medium-fast ships unless traveling over unslabbed terrain... Normally you'd just ascend with anything with repulsors high enough to not scratch buildings and speed away... And even more so in the crossterrain...
And I think those caps were partially introduced because of this 'feature' with not having to cross the slab (because without crossing the slab traveling across the ground was too quick)