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Year 13 Day 98 16:58
Do NPCs suffer from hostile environment damage?
Do players' NPCs suffer from it and do bandits suffer from it?
I find it unbelievable that people are finding armour parts most time and not hostile environment suits parts most of time... And what about our NPCs do we have to strip them off the armour and place into hazard suits for proper planets?
And if not why do we have to strip from our armours to wear protective suits to exit ship to fight while bandits don't have to?


Year 13 Day 98 17:04
No and no.
Because that's how it's coded. The emphasis of the game is the characters and how they interact/are affected by the environment. The game is not about the NPCs or the bandits.


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Year 13 Day 98 17:07
So, if I understand properly, the game is focused on players so we have to stand in barely armoured cold or heat survival suits while all NPCs both friendly and hostile are fully armoured? ;)


Year 13 Day 98 19:26
It's the way NPCs are coded in every game: drag a mob into the water with you, and if you are not careful you can drown but they can stand on the bottom with no problems

Year 13 Day 98 19:56
Don't fight on planets you need environment suits for, sounds like a good idea to me.

Year 13 Day 98 21:15
Any chance of maybe getting armoured Enviro Suits?

Year 13 Day 98 23:04
Ok, thanks for the answers, I'll have to find a not only not fully slabbed but also temperate/breathable planet to try and fight some then ;)

On a sidenote: it's a pity we can't get enviro protection equipment for cloak or belt slots where it would neither interfere with armour nor with things like sensorpacks without which we're blind (sensor sharing), and would still provide its function as a set worn over/under the armour...


Year 13 Day 99 9:21
That could likely be intentional. Can't be perfect, have to give up one thing in order to excel at another. Its like having a great pilot skill but no medical expertise.

I know for a fact there are plenty of non fully slabbed temperate planets available.

Year 13 Day 99 14:00
Well, that's true, we shouldn't be able to be perfect in anything, but I'm pretty sure modern soldiers have personal armour and helmets, can have a gasmask on and have communication with their team while wearing night vision goggles and being able to use first aid equipment at same time ;P In SWC you either wear helmet or gas mask, or thermal vision goggles. You either can communicate with your squad(s) or use medkit (or any other tool) ;P
The skills determine already what we're good and bad at, I see no reason to artificially add such things as armours used in times where numerous individuals travel through space and onto hostile environment planets, yet armours used by all armies give no protection from toxic atmosphere, cold or heat, not even speaking of vacuum (which would be logical for spaceship-borne marines kind).
But not my thing to decide what's better even if in my eyes it's choice between - playability and realism vs artificial restrictions of what armours protect from (possibly canon - though I have no idea, I haven't read the books so I dunno if soldiers fight in SW universe using unarmoured/barely armoured protective suits) ;)


Year 13 Day 99 14:26
Eventually with R&D I'm sure we'll catch up to canon tech levels of added gadgets, like air filters in your helmet and climate control in your armor. Or at least I hope so, would be boring for researchers if all they did was improve the armor stat.


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Year 13 Day 103 5:47
On a side note, environmental effects only apply once a day, so sayeth a bug base issue I raised a while back. TBH most skirmish will probably be resolved before environmental effects apply.


You are entering the vicinity of an area adjacent to a location. The kind of place where there might be a monster, or some kind of weird mirror. These are just examples; it could also be something much better. Prepare to enter: The Scary Door.
Year 13 Day 103 6:03
Well, that's another issue with it...
With combat delay taking 30min probably enviro damage as well as natural healing should happen each 30 minutes too (ofc with adjusted values for shortened time)? Then it couldn't be avoided by ending the fight before atmo damage happens... Probably also first atmo damage should happen at the time when person exits ship/vehicle/facility into hostile atmo, or switches armour from protective suit to combat armour... That'd prevent exploiting how the feature is coded by walking around in protective suit, switching from suit to armour for 2-3 minutes to switch back after fighting when waiting in combat delay just to not get enviro damage (I'm sure it'll partially be fixed with agressiveness of NPCs and eventually with PvP, but even then one could fire, wait for opponent to fire and then change suit for protective one for next 20ish minutes to avoid getting enviro damage).
Also changing healing rate to be 30min it would help natural healing to actually mean anything in the game, like it means in most MMOs where natural healing boosts help win some fights easier because you have virtually more HP thanks to it over the course of fight, while in SWC now it doesn't mean anything... It only helps to get better after being hit on head with doors - when there is no hurry to heal anyway.
And it would reflect the fact that species (and individuals) that regenerate their organisms better can withstand the hostile environment better with the natural healing slowing down the poisonous/boiling/freezing effects instead of just giving a health boost once per day...

P.S. After seeing how much I wrote about it here not sure if I should open new suggestion thread about in it proper forum with copypasta of this or will I get it shot down here ;P


Year 13 Day 103 6:47
Enviro damage should occur every hour - if it doesn't then bug base it.


Year 13 Day 103 9:23
Already did Ellias, below is the bugbase ticket and a quote from Sin.


Sin Jade (administrator)
29 Jan 12 14:55

Rules need updating. Now only happens once a day.

Edited By: Calgor Grim on Year 13 Day 103 9:28

You are entering the vicinity of an area adjacent to a location. The kind of place where there might be a monster, or some kind of weird mirror. These are just examples; it could also be something much better. Prepare to enter: The Scary Door.