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Custom Item Easter Egg Easter Egg
Custom Item
Owner: NPC Owner

How can an item have an NPC owner, and how do you acquire it if it has one. I found this aboard my ship. Additionally, I found an item owned by a 1 year inactive player. Can I lay claim to it as it is aboard my ship?


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Ah believe you can now claim the Eggs, but you must first hold it carefully in your hands (feel free to clap vigorously once you have claimed it :P)

Items can be NPC owned it set that way by the devs for special events like the eggs. TO claim it, pick it up into your hands, then a claim button will appear (once oyu reload the page).

Old players stuff you cannot claim, but you can still use it regardless.


I tried claiming one and it worked so I dropped the 280+ that I had collected, using the "Empty Selected Containers" feature, but they all disappeared. So, I guess there's no chance to claim them now, lol. Realistically though, I doubt I'd take the time to equip every one just to claim ownership of them.

Anyways, that's a fair warning to everyone else to make sure to claim them before you drop them.


That worked for me Bancho. Make a bug report and possibly a support ticket.


Ok, will do. Thanks Ellias.


Were you in the entrance/exit room at the time? I have found that emptying containers can still cause them to go to the entrance/exit room of an entity instead of the actual room you are in at the time.


Owyn Darklighter
I was actually in the cockpit of a ship. With help from Michael MaCleod and the bug report that I submitted, I found out that there is a bug that caused them to go to the entrance room.

Thanks for the help guys.


280+ eggs
Wow nice haul,,,
i think i have 15, i still get excited when i find another one
from time to time... he he


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