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Archives » NPC SQUADS???? Whats their deal?
Year 13 Day 99 14:43
Ok if i set up a squad of 12 npcs and send them on patrol they will walk right past an enemy and not shoot them. ill have 24 npcs following me and ill attack an enemy and they wont fire to help me... so why would i have more than 12 npcs at all? I put the units on guard and engaged and still nothing. whats the point of having a guard command or having large armys if you can only attack with 12?

what am i missing? is this just not implemented or have i missed a key detail on controling various squads?

Edited By: Terragian Fenix on Year 13 Day 99 14:44
Year 13 Day 99 14:48
I think not implented


One Awesome Jawa
Year 13 Day 99 14:48
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Not yet implemented. Right now you can set them to patrol so they gain some experience, or if you equip them with sensor sharing items, you can use them as scouts.

Year 13 Day 99 14:53
Thanks explains alot look like im unequiping 12 and firing them at the end of the month lololol