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Year 13 Day 99 15:34
Brendak Kolto

I just took a peek at the armour rules section and it shows everything as being implemented. However, when I grabbed a correillian powersuit and put it on I did not receive the strength bonus. Either that or the bonus does not effect carry weight. So my question is, is the strength bonus even implemented?

Year 13 Day 99 15:49
That description is in error and has been corrected.

Year 13 Day 99 17:38
None of the items that have a description about boosting a skill have that in effect. Its likely they won't and if they do get some sort of advantage it will likely be a modification to an equation than a straight skill boost.


Year 13 Day 100 21:17
So what about Camo Armor? Useless now? If Heavy Battle Armor no longer gives a Dexterity negative then it needs to be heavier or something.


Whom always wins.
Year 13 Day 100 21:33
So what about...

- Inronkini Wànnéng Alani

I didn't know "none" was such an ambiguous term.

And Camo Armor still gives 3 AP.

Year 13 Day 101 1:07

Armor, like all of ground combat is still in the very early stages of development, and will be subject to change. How/when/if we'll work in bonuses/costs for armors are yet to be finalized. For now, all armor for the sake of they block damage, works.


Year 13 Day 102 17:02
Except for Hide "Armour" which apparently does nothing against any form of attack.


Owyn Darklighter