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Archives » Questions about Ranged Weapons
Year 13 Day 99 21:57
When looking at the ELG-3A, it says that the weapon's minimum range is zero. However, in the rules it says that ranged weapons cannot be used when the enemy is in the same square as you.

So which is it? Can you use a blaster if an enemy is in the same square as you, or not?

Another question: The stats in the Weapons section and the stats at the Centerpoint Market don't match up. So which ones are the most updated? And if the stats for the Centerpoint Marketplace aren't as updated, are the firedelays at least accurate? Because the Weapons section doesn't tell you the firedelay.

Year 13 Day 99 22:25
CPM is outdated. Fire delay is 30 minutes for all weapons. The max/min shots is used to reflect the different fire rates instead. Ranged weapons can be used at 0 range.


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Year 13 Day 99 23:31


When a weapon has the range or 0, which is primarily thrown, melee, or pistols, they can hit the same square as they're in. The rules, wherever you see that specific line, need to be updated as the rules likely didn't even have weapon ranges when written.


Year 13 Day 100 15:58
Alright. Thanks a lot for your help!