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Archives » Why the differences in power?
Year 13 Day 100 23:39
Recently we saw change to the stats of many weapons, and while they were unmistakably an improvement with the development of the combat system....some things just don't seem to add up at first glance.

Four of the weapons that were updated strike me (>.>) as a bit odd, all of which are Non-Projectile: Sword, Vibroblade, Battle Axe, Vibro Axe

Note - For the purposes of the calculation for damage potential, I will be factoring in the maximum number of hits having taken place.

Battle Axe
Min/Max Damage: 22-28
Average Damage Per Hit: 25
Maximum Hits: 3
Damage Potential: 66-84
Average Damage: 75

Vibro Axe
Min/Max Damage: 23-35
Average Damage Per Hit: 29
Maximum Hits: 2
Damage Potential: 46-70
Average Damage: 58

The "Battle Axe" is simply a chunk of metal compressed/attached to a hefty stick, yet according to these statistics it is a superior weapon than a modernized version equipped with an ultrasonic generator that is supposed to allow it to cleave through solid material with minimal effort? If you hit something with a normal axe and don't go all the way through you have a good chance of getting it stuck, you then have to yank/force it out of its new sheathe before you can use it again. In the case of a "vibrating" axe....I think it could be pulled away as easily as a knife in butter that has been sitting out for a while, given that the edge would be constantly moving instead of "settling".

On a side note, the Vibro Axe is approximately 1/3 more expensive to construct for the same number of entities....

Min/Max Damage: 16-21
Average Damage Per Hit: 18.5
Maximum Hits: 3
Damage Potential: 48-63
Average Damage: 37

Min/Max Damage: 16-22
Average Damage Per Hit: 19
Maximum Hits: 3
Damage Potential: 48-66
Average Damage: 38

The case is similar with these two, except they are shown to be just as easy to wield as one another....given the training one would usually go through if planning to use them that tends to make some sense. My concern with these two is solely with their almost mirrored damage ratings. How does a refined chunk of metal equal....another refined chunk of metal that vibrates at speeds deadly enough to cause a life-threatening injury with a glancing blow?

On a cost note, the "technologically advanced" blade costs 1/3 the amount of its ancient counterpart AND is twice as easy to mass produce?

Edited By: Kana Aevum on Year 13 Day 100 23:42
Year 13 Day 100 23:52
The image of the vibroblade implies it is more of a dagger than a sword (surely it would otherwise be a vibrosword?), so it would be more comparable to compare it with a knife or combat knife surely?


Year 13 Day 101 1:18

Battle Axe Non Projectile 0 - 0 22 - 28 0 - 3 0 37.5 84
Sword Non Projectile 0 - 0 16 - 21 0 - 3 0 27.75 63
Vibro Axe Non Projectile 0 - 0 23 - 35 0 - 2 0 29 70
Vibroblade Non Projectile 0 - 0 16 - 22 0 - 3 0 28.5 66

Bolded numbers are the AverageDamage. The "vibro" type of each weapon actually does a very small amount more damage for the sword/blade, the axe likely I changed the stats for the wrong entity. Why we need 2 kinds of axes is beyond me. >_>

And again, these numbers are quite likely to change several more times before it's all finalized. In terms of cost, I really don't even see how cost is done for weapons. 0_o

Edited By: Jesfa on Year 13 Day 101 1:19

Year 13 Day 102 17:17
Each batch takes X amount of RM which has a rules value of Y. Divide Y by the number of items per batch and you get the cost per individual item.

I forget what item production times were based on, but at a guess I would say something to do with amount and/or cost of materials.

According to the rules it is cost. So all else equal, a batch with a smaller RMP will take less time to produce.

Given the fluid nature of item stats at this point, materials are likely to change. (Go look up the equations.)


Owyn Darklighter
Year 13 Day 102 19:32
Materials required are not based on the weapon stats per se. They are only based on the Hull, etc stats. Since they won't change as the damange etc outputs are changed, RMs and costs won't change.


Year 13 Day 104 4:22


Unfortunately, since hull/shields/ionic were removed from items, the formulas for items are essentially based off of just weight/vol/caps. Given how the weights are pretty much trivial, the RM requirements for pretty much anything new is like 1 Mel and 2 Quantum, give or take 1 RM. The RMP is miniscule to say the least.