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Year 13 Day 101 18:29
I haven't found a place where this info is,but my question is there a place other than the description of the item I.e electronic lock breaker where you can find out what the item does.

Not sure if that makes sense...

Has anyone unlocked a door with using an electronic door opener?

Thanks...and sorry if its confusing

Year 13 Day 101 18:59
Some things (like teh ELB) are listed in the rules page for the area they work in (ie the doors and locks rules page for the ELB). Other things like the jetpack that will have a small feature will just be listed in the description.


Year 13 Day 102 10:31
cool. Thanks

Year 13 Day 103 7:48
Perhaps it could be added in descriptions of items a small OOC bit saying for example:
for Medkit: You can use this item to heal yourself or others. To do that insert bacta refill(s) into it and click 'Use Item' button on Equipment page.
for Crafting Kit: You can use this item to craft items. To do that go to Actions tab in travel, equipment or party interface and chose 'Crafting Items' action. (btw. as a sidenote, any reason why we don't have 'Actions' button on right side menu while we have travel, equipment and party?)
for Toolkit: You can use this item to make/destroy doors. To do that you need to be inside a ship/vehicle/facility that you are owner or commander of, go to Actions tab in travel, equipment or party interface and chose 'Locks' action.
for weapons: You can use this item to fight. To do that you need to have it equipped in your Primary or Secondary equipment slot, find a hostile person to fight, go to scanning menu and select 'Attack' button next to the person you want to attack.

Similar short OOC description made with all implemented entities and updated with implementing them could help, especially new players and players who never had to use certain features of the game to easily use them. It also would give idea what from the description is and what isn't implemented.

Also perhaps a line stating how much XP and for what kind of use you can get by using certain item, if applicable. And/or a link redirecting to more specific rules page about said item uses...
It could make it all more userfriendly I think...


Year 13 Day 103 12:08
Rules pages give specific details about important items and their uses in the game. Minor items and and their uses will be IC in the description.

Year 13 Day 103 13:59
I'm pretty sure I've seen at least a few IC descriptions that didn't match actual functions or implementation status of entities. Placing OOC info about actual features and usage of entities (and perhaps links to relevant rules pages) under their IC description could help in making it more user-friendly.


Year 13 Day 103 14:33
As has been pointed out in many other threads, the rules and descriptions are not always up-to-date. If you find errors in descriptions then you're more then welcome to report them in the minor changes threads in the description suggestions forum.