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Archives » CPs vs credits, hard-to-come-by items, "want to buy" forums, and podracers
Naits Shkoobi

Sorry, I've got a lot of questions!

First, CPs vs credits: What is the general sorta conversion factor between the two? Like how many credits for every CP? I know there isn't a set in stone conversion between the two, but is there a general understanding between players how much a CP is worth?

Second, Items: For items like the Jedi robes, Stormtrooper armor, or the Nightstinger rifle, Why are they so expensive and how can they be acquired? Are they still produced or is there only a limited amount of them in the galaxy? When you join the Jedi order are you just given the robes are do you have to be a master or something (and same question for the stormtrooper armor and nightstinger)?

Third, Forums: Is there a forum where I can post what I would like to buy from someone or am I just out of luck when it come to that?

Finally, Podracers: This relates to my last question. Podracers have no affiliated factions, so where do they come from? are all podracers CP-only vehicles? If there IS a faction producing them, who might that be?

Once again, sorry for all the questions and thanks in advance!

1) CPs allow you to buy all sorts of items. Although there is no official conversion, I would say that 1 CP is worth about 1,000 Credits.

2) These are specially created by factions, and usually aren't given to the public, making them extremely rare.

3) Commerce

4) They are CP only vehicles, no factions make them.

Edit: Minor Correction

Edited By: Greg Robbins on Year 13 Day 102 19:01
1) There used to be an option to convert your CPs into credits. However that was scapped as you got a better return by selling spawned ships and vehicles. TO that end, it can vary. For instance you oculd spawn a Dynamic for 30k CPs (or whatever it is) and sell it for 5mil credits or so. It just depends on the market really.

2) They are expensive as the faction that controls the DC keeps them mainly for themselves, and so only a few have gotten into public hands. Prices are high because of the prestige in owning one of the few in public hands. However with bandit drops giving out these rarer options, they should drop a little.

3) Commerce forum is where you would look. Other people will sell stuff there too, so you can look around to see if someone is selling what you want.

4) Yep, they are all ex-CP vehicles. Maybe come R&D people will be able to get their factions to make them with the DC they research.