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Year 13 Day 103 4:05
Have we gone back to needing to be on a specific edge of a city/planetary square in order to travel across terrain?

Year 13 Day 103 4:10
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl


Year 13 Day 103 4:16
Yes, there was a question here somewhere that asked about it, and it was reimplemented.


Year 13 Day 103 4:42
rule 5 "....Cross terrain can travel to any adjacent city square, regardless of the border. "
It would appear this part of the rules on movement is incorrect.


I think there's a Bug in the System!!!
Year 13 Day 103 5:08
Yes, because the update was only in the last day or so - the rules are notoriously bad with keeping up with changes.


Year 13 Day 103 5:39
Is there a reason why this was changed back? I can understand, I guess if you are in a city, but when you are prospecting a planet that is relatively undeveloped it makes the process even mor tedious then it already is. What exactly do we gain by changing this back?

Year 13 Day 103 5:44
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Year 13 Day 104 4:20

Because me being on the far left of the city, and teleporting to the top right city makes 0 sense. I'm not certain how tedious prospecting would be before if all you had to do was land, prospect, crossterrain, not even move, prospect, repeat. It seems incredibly easy that way.

Yes, it's more of an inconvenience, but only because you were convenienced for so long by something that was deleted and apparently never put back in. :p


Year 13 Day 104 4:37
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Of course it wasn't put back in, it was deleted on purpose. They didn't alter the rules page just for giggles. =p

Year 13 Day 104 7:02
Would it be possible to code it so you could still travel from the bottom right corner and enter the top left square, but have the added time it would take to cross the city/square? And no, this is not Action Queueing

Year 13 Day 104 8:21
Uh Tiali, if you are in the bottom right, and travel SE, then you will arrive in the top left...


Year 13 Day 104 9:17
Jesfa, maybe you should make it so that ships move through a city just like someone walking, because right now it makes 0 sense too. /sarcasm

Oh, wait. Ships can fly over buildings? So what's the point of purposefully delaying players to make them fly to another side of the city when they can just fly over the buildings? Doesn't it already take long enough to do many other actions in this game? Ten called it, they don't alter the rules for nothing. This was a purposeful change, convenient sure, and it made sense too. Hell, RM weights were reduced to make the game less tedious. Why turn around and make it more so?

Edited By: Elijah Shoryyhn on Year 13 Day 104 9:19
Year 13 Day 104 12:01

The difference being, that being able to teleport past an army is going to be bad come ground combat. If I'm setting up a defense on the edge of one city to stop you from getting to the next, I'm going to be super pissed when you just fly the otherdirection, enter a wormhole, and appear in the city I was trying to keep you out of.

I'd assume the rules were changed post deletion, as the devs who I've spoken to don't know why it would have been changed, and several remember it being deleted for an unknown reason.


Year 13 Day 104 14:16
So the change was made to add strategy for ground combat? That makes more sense. ;)

Year 13 Day 104 20:16
That wasn't what ah meant Ellias: start at (21, 21) in Square (4, 5) and want to go to Square (3, 4), like you were able to before the change back, just this time adding in the cross-city time (again, would not be an Action Queue)

Year 13 Day 104 23:28
Tiali. Combat is release fully and squads attack enemies when they spot them.

I setup a defense system around the edges you could enter 3,4 and wait for the intruders. Suddenly the buildings in 3,4 get attacked because the enemy could just walk over from any edge without having to cross my defenses.

That's the reason why you can't crossterrain from anywhere in the square or at the opposite edge of the square.

Also if you hunt someone you never know in which direction he left, now you at most have to check 3 coordinates.

Year 13 Day 105 15:34
If only the French had known about this the Germans would never have bypassed the Maginot Line and the whole outcome of the 2nd World War would have been totally different (heck, it might not have gone beyond Poland)

Talking about going around defensive installations

Year 13 Day 105 18:21
The French did - its just Belgium wouldn't allow France to build their Maginot line along the border between them.


Year 13 Day 105 18:29
And what was to stop France from extending the Line along their border with Belgium? :P

Just goes to show that Belgians were idiots