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Year 13 Day 106 13:03
Thank you, that was a much nicer basis for a continuing discussion that had been previously demonstrated.

SWC has, by necessity, several features (read: quirks) that do not precisely jive with reality (or canon, if even canon takes a departure from reality, as it is often wont to do). I don't remember offhand if the rooms are linked, but given that our "rooms" are bastardized representations of space on board entities in the first place I think it's a rather moot point, as rooms are often entirely nonsensical in size, shape, placement, et cetera. One merely has to use a bit of imagination to "explain" what is actually happening when we press those buttons.

Of course, if you find any exploits or bugs like you mentioned, you should report them to the bug base. Asking here to confirm first is perfectly acceptable, but we are also quite content simply closing bugs that are features "as intended."

Year 13 Day 106 13:22
Gort Horth

I would not have thought it a bug that this vulnerability exists, but I did just try to report it as you suggest. Unfortunately, what I thought was my password is not working, so perhaps someone else will report the issue.

Ship security in general is another issue we could throw questions about for days. When I broke onto the ship I did, I stole 2 suits of Corellian and 2 crates of weapons. Fortunately, they were stollen from my faction for faction troop use. I just hadn't been granted the proper permissions and didn't want to wait. This method could though, be used to steal off of any ship with a hangar bay. Hence my question why so many ships have them that can't land. . .


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Year 13 Day 106 18:06
From what you just said, sounds like you had access to the ship regardless, and just happened to be in a vehicle and docked in that, rather than walking through the entrance room (or indeed docking another ship inside it). Yes, if the ship had a locked door from the entrance room, but not the hanger/docking bays you could wander freely - but thats a problem with the ship owner not providing sufficient protection rather than a fault of the game.

And as was stated before, by first post accurately explained the process.


Year 13 Day 106 21:17
Galen Herocon

tbh, i think it's more for ease. If you need to transport several vehicles, and don't wanna use your freightor back and forth. Place them inside your capital ship. It be easier.

I can understand somewhat of you saying you wanted a "serious" answer. However the facts were still there. Please respect them and the time they took to make said answers.


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