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Archives » Squads don't follow crossing terrain
Piron Sunrise

From the rules "If a character starts crossing to the next terrain grid and the squad is at the same location, they will move with him. However, if they are not at the same location as the player, they will cease to follow the player. "

So is it a bug or the rule is outdated?

Was your squad at the same location as you when you started to cross terrain?

Piron Sunrise

Yes we were all on the same ground grid.

Have you bugbased it?

Piron Sunrise

Excuse me but what is bugbase?

Its linked as 'Report Bug' at the bottom of the sidebar. Its a separate thing where the devs keep track of bugs that crop up with the game so they can easily identify them and fix them. You will need to make a new account there (its not synced with your SWC account), so do that first using your SWC handle.


Shuji Shizuka

Create an account with your swc handle, and make a new bug report with as much detail as you can, we'll check it out.

Ellias Ninja'd me...

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