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Archives » CP amount remaining green
Year 13 Day 106 2:48
I know technically why this is remaining before anyone says anything. I had a bug report about it, and Vey said that it will remain until voted on. I want to know why? The other sites that you need to type stuff on to vote, which I don't do, disappear from the list, so why are the backwards incentive ones so special that they cannot disappear too after I open the window and then close it?

I just want to clear out the silly green highlight for the useless voting sites, so those that I can actually be bothered to vote on (the ones that only need you to click one button or do nothing) highlight it when they are ready, rather than requiring me to check several times to see when I can vote again. It used to work that way, and I have no idea why its suddenly changed to this much more annoying method.


Year 13 Day 110 12:14
i was asked to post thisas a friend has problems posting on the forums in reply to your question mr aubec:-

You are missing the point of the top sites. their first goal is to promote SWC, NOT to give away CP. CP are a reward, a "thank you for supporting SWC and promoting it".

If you click on a site then close the page without voting, you get your CP, but SWC doesn't gets its publicity, which is quite unfair, don't you think? (I do the same, don't feel bad.)

why are the backwards incentive ones so special that they cannot disappear too after I open the window and then close it? 

Because they are the only sites allowing us to know if you actually voted, or just clicked on the link then closed the page. If the SWC administration had a way to know if you voted on ALL the pages or just closed them without voting, this same system would be applied to ALL the pages: you don't vote, your green CP doesn't go away.

Edited By: Rhiryn Masu`Toki on Year 13 Day 110 12:16
Year 13 Day 110 15:13
Thank you, but you or your friend are not an admin.

I vote on what I want, but I'd like to know when its ready again. I just want to know why it was changed, since its worked perfectly well for the last few years.


Year 13 Day 110 15:16
Blot Hlidskjalf

i do not have problems. after clicking all links it turns from green into white.

Year 13 Day 111 18:02
Dan Hakim

Has the weekly bonus been removed? I don't seem to be getting that either.


Year 13 Day 111 23:42
Blot Hlidskjalf

weekly bonus is still there:

Year 13 Day 108,17:00 The Top Sites System + x,xxx Weekly banner click fidelity bonus

Year 13 Day 112 0:00
I still receive them. You need to click every link at least once in the week to get it. Maybe you only did the non-backward sensitive ones.

Year 13 Day 112 9:15
Dan Hakim

While I'll admit to not clicking every day, when I do it, I do them all and refresh to page to see if I missed any.
Used to get the bonus even if it was just a small one.