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Year 13 Day 107 3:28
i have seen on cpm the weapon levels beside each weapon when you hover the cursor over the icon...

but i am unsure if there is any in the SWC rule pages to show also,
i have looked to no avail

as it would be useful to know which weapons are best used under each skill level :)

Year 13 Day 107 3:37
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

It was removed from the rules page and isn't included in the equations right now. No idea whether it will be reintroduced.

Year 13 Day 107 3:42
so i can use any weapon right now with ho hinderance to my skill level??

is this what you mean ten?

Year 13 Day 107 5:22
Yes, you can use any weapon. However, you do have a higher chance of not missing if you have some skill points in the skill for the type of weapon you are using (projectile, NPW..).



Year 13 Day 107 5:49
yes i am aware of that syn,

but should there not be a hinderance or penalty for using weapons above your skill level?

or not geting the best from the weapon-like someone not trained in lightsaber fighting would never get the best from it?

Year 13 Day 107 5:50
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

It is not included in the equation at this time.

Year 13 Day 107 6:02
ok thanks for the info :)

Year 13 Day 108 2:06
If you were aware there is no hindrance, why did you ask if there was a hindrance??

Normally I would direct you to the Suggestions forum, except that combat is still in super-early stages and this is obviously not a concept that has been overlooked, as it was once reflected in the rules pages prior to being intentionally removed.

Lightsabers are an entirely different animal in that a lightsaber combat skill already exists, which non-Force users are unable to train.



Year 13 Day 109 1:20
The whole "Weapon Skill level" idea was abolished for this system, now your skill denotes how often and how hard you hit instead of your ability to use said weapon. its just assumed that if you have a PW of 1, you can't shoot most guns well.

Year 13 Day 109 22:13