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Year 13 Day 109 11:35
I am trying to get some NPCs onto my ship and its been... problematic. This is an example of the situation:

- I own several NPCs
- I hire a PC to make my NPCs patrol, I pay him x per month and assign him 48 NPCs.
- He makes them into squads and has them patrol.
- Now that they have beein trained enough I cant make them board my ship even if I assign them to me and stand next to them.
- I cant disband the squads for him. Can I?
- I cant do anything with them until the hired PC disbands them?

... is that how it's supposed to work?

Year 13 Day 109 12:25
Dragomir Kies

its a known, problem, you can walk around by, arresting single npc from each squad, the squads will auto disband. Currently only creator of the squad can disband it or issue orders, regardless of ownership

Year 13 Day 109 14:45
Alright. Thanks.

Year 13 Day 110 12:34
try to select a sqaud and get them to follow you thats how i got mine to board my ship

Year 13 Day 110 15:07
That's the issue: its not his squad, its a squad made my another player.