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Year 13 Day 110 15:17
Dan Hakim

What is the current status of the Classifieds section?
How often are they refreshed? (Rules says 30 days but was last edited in Year 11)
Why is there a no 'want to buy' rule? That is part of pretty much every classified section I've ever read.


Year 13 Day 110 16:05
Vito Royan

I put a classified up, it was instantly deleted a few hours later... So I dont think they work.



Year 13 Day 110 16:07
Gwanunig Magor

They get deleted every day at 17:00 CGT. Apart from this, they work.

Edited By: Gwanunig Magor on Year 13 Day 110 16:08

Year 13 Day 110 22:56
I put the No WTB rule in place to keep it manageable back when they did work, because prior to that they were being absolutely flooded with "WTB A-Wing, I have 10000 credits" type postings by every other brand new player, where they vastly outnumbered the WTS ads. The Classifieds were far more commonly used by new players than the Commerce forums .. which made them fantastic for faction recruitment, and kept the Commerce forums capable of handling WTB postings, since they very rarely receive new players making unreasonable requests.

But, yes, all a moot point at this time. :p



Year 13 Day 111 2:08
Nathan Miller

The Classifieds should have been removed years ago.

Year 13 Day 111 2:35
Not that this is the suggestions forum, but I definitely disagree. Years ago, the Classifieds were highly useful. While I ran a ship faction, I recruited solely through the Classifieds and it was quite effective; many of those members are still active today.

They are useless at this time, but perhaps they will be fixed at some point. If not, obviously they serve no purpose.



Year 13 Day 111 3:32
Dan Hakim

They were great for recruitment, especially for NFGs that aren't allowed to use the Positions Vacant section.
If they get fixed is there any chance of a want to buy section to added?


Year 13 Day 111 15:53
Highly unlikely, but as mentioned, commerce forums are already useful for that.