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Year 13 Day 113 15:42
Greetings! I have been a member here for a long while, but have been inactive for quite some time now. I recently dropped my character, and now I am waiting the respawn time. My new character I wish to be a Chiss, and in their culture, their names are for example: Mitth'raw'nuruodo, Kres'ten'tarthi, or Brast'alshi'barku. They follow a format that is not allowed according to the Character Creation rules that state "You must capitalise the first letter of all names:", and "You must use a full first and last name".

So am I restricted from creating a handle that would be "Chiss like" ?

I know I could try to submit my "Chiss" name and just see if it will pass, but when I try to submit this exact name, Jalek'otzz'tiovata, I keep getting this message:

"An error occured: The character name supplied contains invalid characters. Only characters allowed are A-Z, a-z, spaces, dashes and backticks. (No numbers or punctuation, it should sound like a real name!)"

I don't see any errors in my handle that would cause this error ^^^

A little clarity would be fantastic! Thanks!

Year 13 Day 113 15:51
You can't use apostrophes, you have to use ` instead.

And yes, you must have a full first and last name.

Year 13 Day 113 16:02
Ah, my bad, can barely tell the difference!

Very well, I suppose I'll find a way to keep it close to what I intended. Thank you for the assistance!

Year 13 Day 113 16:09
Many Chiss players use the first two parts of the name (separated by a `) as the first name, and the third part as the surname.

I think there's a Chiss NFG that might be able to help you with name ideas and other issues.

Year 13 Day 113 19:18
Indeed, they usually have a space there somewhere before or after the ` to fit the SWC requirements and the Chissness.


Year 13 Day 117 14:07
Thank you all, I am satisfied with just using Jalek`otzz Tiovata.