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Year 13 Day 119 14:24
Eshaar Gnor

I know that jetpacks have been introduced to enable short jumps. However I wonder if they have been coded to include the party with you? I have 12 NPCs all equiped with jetpacks & I also have one yet when I go to make a jump with it I get an error message saying that the NPCs do not have jetpacks when clearly I know they do.

My question is , has it been coded to include the squad with you & therefore this is a bug or is it that it is a PC exclusive thing?

Year 13 Day 124 5:27
Eshaar Gnor

Can anyone answer this? Are Jet packs suposed to work for your party or just the player? IS THIS A BUG?

Year 13 Day 124 7:00
Probably just not coded, but if you're patient then maybe somebody who may know one way or the other will answer.


Owyn Darklighter
Year 13 Day 124 17:11
It's supposed to work that way, file a bug report if you're sure your party has jetpacks equipped.