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Year 13 Day 119 21:15
What are the set weights for RMs, or where does the chart with them exist? I've been searching around for a while, and have found multiple conflicting sources. The rules page under Economy>Mining gives Quantum for instance a weight of 12T per unit. The chart on the Holocron says that Quantum is 16T per unit. When I looked at factions sites to see if they knew, Centrepoint Mining gave an entirely different weight for Quantum of 12.8T per unit. So what in the world are the weights of RMs?

Year 13 Day 119 22:28
The Rules page appears to be correct, based on dividing the weight of the Quantum I am hauling by the number of units: 12T


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Year 13 Day 119 22:29
Thanks! I was following that, but wasn't sure after I started seeing different numbers elsewhere.

Year 13 Day 119 23:55
The weights were as the Holocron. However at the dev meeting they were reduced in weight. The weight was set at 0.8x the value before. Its possible that Togan updated CPM to match this value, while the rules rounded the values down/up rather than keep so many fractional weights. So in this case, the rules page is 100% correct and up-to-date.