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Archives » How to... receive items, equipment and join Imperial Academy?
Gaen Vizla

Not sure how to receive anything? How does one start or go to the Imperial Academy? When will this RPG get easier? x)

You receive items when you buy them or someone gives them to you, most times you will have to arrange for pickup/delivery

Joining the Imperial Academy ah believe first requires you to join the GE, they will then give you all the details about going to the academy

Define 'easier'? What part(s) are you finding difficult?

Gaen Vizla

Well, generally what I find difficult is even knowing where to buy these items.
I have joined GE and have been awaiting some type of information for the Academy.

Usually, you buy the items from other players, either in the Commerce thread or Centrepoint Station (a seperate trading site)

Try contacting the GE Liaison

Also check out The Guide, which is linked from the top of every page. It contains a lot of information for new players.