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Archives » Ship performance to orbit.
Year 13 Day 124 20:54
Currently all ships take two hours to leave a planet, has anybody ever looked at using the existing Max speed variable to calculate the time it takes a ship to make orbit from ground? Just seems like it would make ship movement more relatively realistic, after all a bulk SHOULD be slower than a A-wing to make orbit.

I was not sure if this would be considered a time delay change under the suggestion rule. But wanted to ask if this had been considered at some point...


Year 13 Day 124 21:47
Yes. And it's been stated that the FASTEST you would ever get to orbit would be an hour.

So go ahead and suggest that and get everyone pissed at you, if that's your thing. =P

Year 13 Day 124 23:42
NO thats why I started here! :)

I dont want to make it less than a hour, it just seems weird that it doesn't take any longer for a loaded Bulk than a fighter to clear planet orbit.

Even the hour to get to atmosphere makes some sense, but once your in atmosphere it seems like not all ships should go the same speed.

I also totally get keeping the code simple.. unless it makes something play better.


Year 13 Day 126 0:26
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Deleted by Metyl Onyx. Reason: I have genuinely considered installing a breathylser on my pc.