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Archives » Horizon Star Yacht has 2 sets of stats
Brand Malden

Was just curious.. I see on the rules page that the Horizon Star Yacht now has a docking port and docking bay, however it's not showing that on existing ships. Which version is correct?


Usually the rules are the correct stats, and its likely that ships spawned before the update haven't been fixed to use the new stats yet. Docking Port seems wierd on it though.


I'm pretty sure all the Horizon's in existence have docking bays (though i could be incorrect) however Jesfa says room creation doesn't work. So they're set to a base room map of just a cockpit so that they're at least fliable, once we set a real room map to the class, all the Horizons in existence will be fixed, and you'll be able to dock in them.

The other CP ships are the same way, just nobody's noticed yet.


This probably explains why I can only find the cockpit on the Tri Mark VII Interceptor I spawned and saves me having to ask. >_<
I assume that the Tri Mark is also a work in progress and rooms will appear once the layout is finalised?


'If you can load it, I can haul it!'
I think we have a room tool now, so somebody probably either forgot about it or hasn't gotten around to it yet.


I'm not exactly sure where we were at on this. I know for a while that we didn't have roommaps for ANY of the new ships, but later a tool was made and I thought another admin made roommaps for them. If anyone has a chance to check on of the CP capitals or bigger ships (something that would have a handful of rooms), and let me know/DM/PM me, I'll get on it.