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Year 13 Day 128 16:44
Nah Olos

I've got a medic, who's being a little stubborn here. Can someone assist?

[Sardeya Kwai]
Hello there, its a wonderful Afternoon wouldn't you say?
Is there something you want from me?

Yeah, I'm wondering if you can heal me?

[Sardeya Kwai]
Ah, I'm afraid I've been getting that a lot recently. Without the right equipment, I cannot perform any operations, even minor cuts or scrapes.
You'll have to take it up with the nearest medical establishment, see if they can help you there.

Now, I've got this guy in a medical room. I fitted him out with healing sticks and patches... he's MY medic, and he still doesn't want to help me here.

Soo... what am I doing wrong here? The last time I used a medic, he healed me, and I gave him a few hundred credits for the job. But that was two years ago..

Any help would be appreciated.


Edited By: Nah Olos on Year 13 Day 128 17:43

Year 13 Day 128 17:28
Healing through Medic NPCs is not currently implemented.

Year 13 Day 128 17:34
Nah Olos


Thanks elijah... do you know roughly when that should take effect?


Year 13 Day 128 17:37
This is only my personal opinion, but with combat being the focus for recent and near future implementation efforts I would assume healing improvements won't be too far behind. Just keep in mind that there's a relative handful of people who help code the Combine and it's all on a volunteer basis.

Year 13 Day 128 17:42
Nah Olos

I'm aware...

alright, thanks again Elijah.

This can be closed whenever I guess.


Year 13 Day 128 18:47
I did make a suggestion about the use of NPC and droids for healing. Vey kinda liked it, Zhao too. Mikel said something about him coding it. Not sure where its at though.


Year 13 Day 128 20:39
Was just waiting on final approval/method of implementation. Poke Zhao. =P