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Archives » How Can I Get Removed Permanently From the Combine?
I have had enough of this game. What process do I need to go through to get all of my personal information removed from this website?

If you are still level 1 and are inactive for 9 months, it will be deleted. Otherwise, your character will remain.


Chancy Mandu
Chancy Mandu
or you could just not log in and forget about it.

Eshini`el Sandhawk
Eshini`el Sandhawk
If you want to get rid of some personal info, you can change it in Account Settings.

So if you're level 3 and are contemplating getting your account deleted (and possibly IP banned from the site to prevent people without self-control from coming back) then you are basically screwed unless you don't login?

What's the number of days of inactivity where your account gets deleted for a level 2+? Come on, I REALLY don't need a temptation for a crap game such as this when I go off to college. Plus, when I can't delete my account, I get pissed and start breaking rules in an attempt to GET myself permanently banned/removed/etc. Sorry if that sounded harsh, but I want to know how you can extract yourself from the insidious tendrils of this aptly-named "Darkness" hellhole.


I Hate the Game and Most of the People In It.

Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
"What's the number of days of inactivity where your account gets deleted for a level 2+?"

As stated, they are never deleted.

Drop character > respawn > don't log in.


[00:16:42] &Gio> i don't suck at art < Proof Gio doesn't suck at art people.
If you can't muster the will power to walk away from an online game than I feel sorry for you to begin with but realistically your reason for this post is because you were banned from #swc-members after attacking somebodies sexuality.

Whether their sexuality is how you believe it to be is simply none of your concern, and it certainly isn't your concern to attempt to gather support for your opinion. Leave the game Vel. From what I've seen you're not playing it in any capacity worth worrying about losing your character.

[15:31] [Vel_Foryn] Do you think Var is gay?
[15:31] [Vel_Foryn] I do.
[15:31] [Banquo] Does it matter?
[15:31] [Banquo] His sexual preference means nothing to me.
[15:31] [Vel_Foryn] Yes.
[15:31] [Vel_Foryn] I hate homosexuality.
[15:31] [Banquo] Then get off the internet.
[15:31] [Vel_Foryn] Rofl
[15:32] [Banquo] In fact. You'd be best off shooting yourself.

Drop it. Sun it. Fuck off.

Uh, if you think its a crap game and hate people in it, why would you be even tempted to come back?


Stephanie Barefoot
Stephanie Barefoot
Pretty pathetic rant Vel. I do hope your comments arent deleted from this thread,as it goes to show there are some wastes of space on combine! Banquo's post was perfect in summing up the opinions of 99.9% of members! Good luck finding a game where your opinions are welcome! :P


Send a mail to
and get yourself banned. I know it works as a faction member of mine took that choice and asked to be banned for addiction reasons.

And on-line-addiction is nothing to laugh about, Banquo.


Well Vel, this is pretty disapointing to see, i tought you where better then that.
I think you got a bit caried away, in trying to keep up whit the local trolls?
At any rate, give youre oppinion about the game, NOT about ppl their belief, sexuallity or anything personal for that matter, it makes you just a douche. So don't hate the ppl playing and or building this game, but look in the mirror first and think before you start blaming others.
But except for the logs Banquo showed, you where not bad. Take care Vel, and don't be a hater, its not cute ;)


Drop character > respawn > don't log in. 

This is the best answer as your new character will be level 1 and your account will therefore be purged for inactivity as any other level 1. Yes, you can request to be banned, but it's utterly pointless as you will be unbanned as soon as you request that too, so it's not like it's any difference from just not returning to the site, save for a minor inconvenience.