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Year 13 Day 129 8:07
Quell Vera

Hello i'm just curious as to why many of the species in the Race Suggestions forum are barely considered. I have seen some poor ones and really great ones, like the Duor or the Kaleesh. So, is there some kind of update going on? Or are they just going to add them all at once?

Year 13 Day 129 8:30
It takes a lot of work to actually add new races, as homeworlds and starting cities need to be added into the game in addition to the actual creation/implementation of each of the races. We already have a very large number of races that almost no one plays at all. It isn't really a high priority, especially since those working on races also work on other features that are more important (such as the new CP ships, the foundation for quests, and weapon stats, to name a few recent examples from the past several weeks). It really just comes down to not being a high priority right now due to other goals that need to be met.



Year 13 Day 129 8:45
Most were not done mainly because of the low number of images available for them, and the difficulty in doing organic 3D modelling as opposed to man-made objects.

However, there is a list of about 10 races that we are planning on adding - we have the stats done, we're just waiting on art team guys to help make the images. Once thats done they'll be released along with (hopefully) a full racial stats update.


Year 13 Day 129 8:50
Quell Vera

ok thanks guys

Year 13 Day 129 9:16
Oops, no one thought to inform Ellias the race team isn't a thing anymore. :p



Year 13 Day 129 19:19
Oops, someone forgot to tell Syn we're working on things again!


Year 13 Day 129 21:50
/giggle ^ that made mah day, thanks Ellias :)