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Archives » Bandit Question - Heavy Projectile Weapons
Grog Harvill

I am sure this has been covered somewhere [though i could not find it] but i know projectile weapons are useable in bandit/creature combat. But can you use Heavy Projectile Weapons like the K-43, NZ 9118?

Since I heard you cannot use some of the bigger weapons in this category [like cvi] Was wondering about those two and others.

Thanks for reading

You should e fine with them, just don't use the ones that have a deploy icon.

The NZ works fine in combat.

Doesn't hit as hard as I'd expect a heavy weapon to hit, but you don't need to "deploy" it.



I used my e-web blaster recently, it had to be deployed, which was the annoying part. First there was no cool down, after I attacked 30 minutes Deploying cooldown started (it was exactly the same as fire delay cooldown) and then I had to click Undeploy which took another 30 minutes, and given they do so little damage its waste of time. Would be good if you could target something, then hell yeah, up to 40 shots at one NPC would be awesome, but with this random hitting, they just waste you 30minutes to undeploy. While being heavy as hell so you can't wear heavy armour.

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Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
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You have to undeploy between shots?

Dont think so, it just wont let you change weapon or move when deployed.


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
--> Lvl 5 FI Operator - Free Service <--

Well that makes sense then.

Alexander von Ismay

... so ... you're complaint is ... ?

If I have a big ass gun, that supost to take more than one person to work... its supost to take time to set it up, change positions, switch out.

Hans Yond

but it fires like a pansy, lol.

Seriously erratic damage output (for good reason) but they do have good range; when in large numbers & you get lucky with high hits & damage they should do well.

They also counter fire against most weapons when in range, a ok defensive weapon.


HPW will have an increase, specifically for those deployed.


Going a little OT and into Rl events, but the germans in The Great War had a novel way of moving their machine guns while still being able to fire them: strap them to the backs of big soldiers; still requires at least 2 people to operate but removes the hassle of having to deploy/pack up everytime, would give a reason to have wookiees on the front line :P

Hans Yond

That is an idea Tia, HPW's could use 4 people to operate to fire 1 gun.

So 1 squad = 3x HPW turrets or 1 squad = 1 HPW turret.


i was joking, every weapon can do poorly when firing minimum shots & rolling low damage but can hit hard when rolling good numbers.

Now imagine 12x HPW's firing at once they are no joke when dishing out damage in a good combat round & that is only 1 sqaud.


HPW are limited to 1 per squad though.


Hans Yond

ah, ok.. when did that happen?