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Archives » Database broke as travel certainly is
Ka`rla Leakey

Been trying to get back to my ship for a while and each time I try i get the following page turn up:

You are walking to , . You will arrive in Fatal error: Call to a member function getETA() on a non-object in /swcombine/http/main/www/htdocs/members/position/travel/GroundTravelPositionViewClass.inc on line 131 Error on the page, could not run shutdown functions

Surely this doesnt need a bugbase report as it cant be just me?

The bug base is used for all bugs. Though, it sounds like you may just need your character reset.

Ka`rla Leakey

I did bugbase it when i posted just in case.

Whenever you get an error like that, its always best to check on the bug base. Even if its something that affects others and not just you, either no-one else may come across it yet, meaning that it can be fixed before others get caught up in it, or its been reported and you can add to the facts to make it easier to fix.

Never presume that the devs know about a bug, unless you check the bug base and its been confirmed, or there is a Sim News post about it.


Ka`rla Leakey

In my case I am not sure if an Admin reset my position but I did manage to get myself moving again so i will post in case its what I did.

Basically i set a travel position elsewhere and got my error message, so I decided to set a coordinate i knew I couldnt go to, ie my current location. This obviously threw up a message i cant travel there. I gambled that getting the system to do a check on where i couldnt go may remind it where I was.

After that I could travel to adjacent squares so I aborted that journey and could continue to my ship.