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Year 13 Day 135 0:47
I suddenly died for no apparent reason aboard my employers ship where I'm alone. I already sent a ticket, but I was just wondering has this ever happened to anyone else?
I was kinda stupefied for a while...


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Year 13 Day 135 0:54
What event did you get? Its possible someone boarded your ship and A/Ed you then left. Maybe you aborted travel and ended up inside a planet or star and died. Maybe you were travelling within a system and accidentally set to go into a sun, or were moving in a system with a blackhole and travelled into it.


Year 13 Day 135 1:02
1 Year 13 Day 133, 23:23 You have died!
2 Year 13 Day 133, 23:22 You gained 10 XP with the following message: For successfully crafting an item.
3 Year 13 Day 133, 17:46 You gained 443 XP with the following message: Finished travelling in hyperspace, arrived at our destination [edited out]

These were the last three events in that I had, I was delivering a purchased ship to the designated location in system, and unless the automatic designator on the system path travel threw me in to the sun I can't explain this happening.
And It couldn't be A/E since the only two people allowed to this ship is me and my employer and I know for a fact that he's sleeping right now =/


It's gonna be weird to cut off the thing that's paid my bills all these years. I hope I can keep it as a souvenir.
Year 13 Day 135 1:29
Where was it? Or at least, was it a system with black holes? Though I'd assume the event would say so, like it does/did with flying into a sun.

Or by the look if it, a keycard killed you lol


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Year 13 Day 135 2:00
My employer informed me that I have been damaged by the gravitational pull of a black hole.
I thought the ship would automatically fly around them, well live and learn I guess. Weird though that I didn't get any message about it, just that I died.
thank for the help guys, see you in three weeks...<3

Btw, just my luck to fly in the only black hole in the solar system ?=)

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It's gonna be weird to cut off the thing that's paid my bills all these years. I hope I can keep it as a souvenir.
Year 13 Day 135 2:11
Yeah, its says in the rules that you aren't autorouted around blackholes. Thats why they are so dangerous, along with not being able to see them. Maybe make a suggestion that dying by blackhole informs you of such, especially considering how relatively easy it is to die by them.


Year 13 Day 135 2:13
Please report that you didn't get any additional message when you hit the black hole to the bugbase. That's a bug!

Year 13 Day 135 6:21
Perhaps a warning message when you enter a system with black holes?

(Or when you plan a sublight course in a system with black holes?)

"Warning: sensors detect gravitational anomalies in the area but are unable to automatically route around them. Please plan your travels carefully."

Or something like that. I spent 10 seconds on the above.

In reality, a black hole would show up spectacularly on those gravitational sensors and your ship would be able to at least show you where they are and pop up a warning (since we know pilots are idiots and this is not 1960s computer technology.) I understand the game has to have something interesting, but since many don't seem to understand how black holes work, I think a bit of timely warning (see above) would be nice.


Owyn Darklighter
Year 13 Day 135 6:48
The Hedgehog is dead? O_o


Year 13 Day 135 6:52
Kendall Holm

I think the system actually shows a gravity well for Black holes it just doesnt show exactly where it is. So if it does that a warning would be kind of redundant


Year 13 Day 135 7:27
Good night sweet prince. :P


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Year 13 Day 135 7:58
Blackholes do show a gravity well, which if its the only one in the system is obvious to tell where it is. When you have multiple planetary bodies the grav wells overlap and it gets harder.


Year 13 Day 138 14:29

The fact it puts off a gravity well kind of defeats the purpose of it being invisible :(

I could likely make them invisible if I were to alter the size of the hole, but not sure if that's desired. But I do think that an additional, "Careful, there's black holes here, , fly at your own risk."

No need to kill newbs who missed that page.


Year 13 Day 138 16:52
Making them totally invisible would be the biggest cock move in the history of ever.

So obviously Jesfa is going to do it.

Year 13 Day 138 18:59
Tovakinpi Toshikhan

Both IC and RL, aren't blackholes known to be invisible but detectable through their gravitational anomalies that have been known canonically to be detectable by ships?


Tovakinpi Toshikhan
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Year 13 Day 138 19:51
Hans Yond

Yeah so as soon as you arrive at those cords you should be told via combat events, much more likely to take note of a combat event warning.

players may ignore ordinary arrival events & plot a course through space somewhere & be eaten.

Year 13 Day 139 12:29
Gort Horth

Black holes should betray their presence in two ways. First, as matter falls toward and accelerates, it gives off radiation before it reaches the event horizon, that appears as a fountain of EM originating just outside the horizon.

Second, black holes should produce hawking Radiation:


IIRC, the former has been observed and the latter only theorized, though physicists generally accept that this is the way black holes ought to work. In either case, black holes are not invisible and can be routed around.


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Year 13 Day 139 22:46

Making them totally invisible would be the biggest cock move in the history of ever.

So obviously Jesfa is going to do it. 

You know me so well! DONE!

Kidding aside, I could be wrong, but the intention when they were originally made were to be invisible, the fact they can be found via the gravity wells is likely an oversight back when the gravity well rules. Really, aside from the Maw, and the core, there's only a couple out there.

Gort, I don't see how either of those would work in combine.

Canonly, I believe they were undetectable aside from the pulling sensation/force when flying too near to one. Everything I've read tends to say as such, but there's not too much out there from what I've seen other than the Maw.


Year 13 Day 139 23:26
Maw and Galactic Central (0 0), but otherwise, not too many

Year 13 Day 139 23:35
Indeed not many. Bar one up in Plooma, two in Dorin, one down south in the Kriz sector (I think), a handful in the Tyus Cluster, and probably a few elsewhere.

Personally, I think the grav well thing works just fine. Its as realisitic as it gets in this game, and allows for some dodging of them if you are careful.


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