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Year 13 Day 139 17:15
Icarus Carinae

In the old rule set before anything was coded armor that was of a matching set gave a synergy bonus to the armor. Is this no longer and option and/or is there a different plan to give some other form of slight advantage to wearing a matching set.

Year 13 Day 139 17:24
Yes, having matching armour will provide +5 Cool Points to the wearer.

But in all seriousness, I see little in the way of tactical benefits resulting from wearing matching armour. Though it has always been prestigious to own a matching set.

Year 13 Day 139 17:40
Well presumably wearing a matching set would allow the armour pieces to link up correctly and protect all parts of the body. If you had a stormtrooper helmet, a flak jacket and a heavy belt, they don't match up that well, and so there will be chinks in the armour that a shot could go through.


Year 13 Day 139 18:31
Icarus Carinae

That and armor using electronics (most of the good ones) have the battery stored in the body part. Also environment will have the same affect Ellias mentioned if they don't match.

Year 13 Day 153 0:05
Gort Horth

Are those other functions even working? I was under the impression the HBA helmet weighs twice what Corellian does and gives no bonus or protection past Corellian. Is the multi-sensor and environmental protection enabled? And if so, what does the environmental function do? Can you step out of a ship in a volcanic area without getting fried with HBA or a thermal suit?


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Year 13 Day 153 2:39
All thats implemented is the armour value, and the environment protection. See the Environments rules page for a list of which items protect from what atmospheres. ANything else is not in.


Year 13 Day 153 5:05
Eshaar Gnor

To clarify on HBA, it does not afford environmental protect at this point, not sure if it should/will?