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Archives » The future of stun cuffs and PvP
Year 13 Day 140 17:31
Naits Shkoobi

With PvP combat coming up, will stun cuffs become basically useless? Or will people still be running around arresting people?

In regards to PvP, will I be able to attack anyone anywhere? I ask because stun cuffs can only be used with permission of the governing faction. And if you can attack anyone anywhere, will you be able to also use stun cuffs on anyone in any place?

When someone is "killed" in PvP, will they die for good? this sounds kind of silly, but as far as PvE goes, it's my understanding that you can't really die. instead you just go down to one HP and can no longer fight (this could be way off, I just thought I'd read that somewhere, correct me if I'm wrong)
In the rules/technology page, it says stun cuffs are only partially implemented. Does anyone know what else they may be used for in the future?

(When PvP is actually in effect) If I were fighting someone and (by some miracle) managed to kill them, would all of their equipment be made over to me? would I get any of their other items that they would own but not be hanging on to at that moment (ships, vehicles, etc.)?

Thanks for any answers!

Year 13 Day 140 18:09
Last I heard from Zhao, the idea is that A/E as we know it will go. It will only be possible after you attack someone and reduce them below 0 HP. At that point you can go up to them and you will have the option to arrest them or execute them. Obviously you'll need cuffs/binders for arresting them still. However, its possible the devs may have changed their minds.

As for their stuff, same things as now should happen - they'll become owned by the person assigned as pilot, then the person assigned as commander, then sent to the NPC market (depending on whether there is an appropiate pilot/commander that is).


Year 13 Day 140 19:57
Naits Shkoobi

So if item ownership is going to work the same way, wouldn't pirate factions not really have anything to do? Like whenever they kill anyone, they won't be able to take the dead person's stuff. Is this ever expected to change? Especially when ship combat comes around. For example, if the GA managed to deplete the ionic capacity (which I assume would immobilize the ship, allowing you to climb aboard) of an Imperial Star Destroyer, jump on the ISD, and either arrest or execute all of the people aboard, with the current rules the Alliance would have gained nothing. The ISD would still belong to the Empire, leaving the Alliance with nothing more than a good story and some bragging rights. Are the rules expected to change before we ever run into anything like this or is it supposed to work this way?

Year 13 Day 140 21:53
What you are talking about is stealing/hijacking. That will likely come along with more combat later on, and allow you to break into, and attempt to gain control/ownership with a skill check.